Anxiety the Spotted Hyena Ref Sheet

Buck-a-Minute – Dexxmas

Animal Crossing Badge – Kuin

Pet Caricature – Girl’s Night!

Barnaby Badge

Pet Caricature – Goldendoodle

RithyAku vs. Super Kawaii Koneko Flow


Fat Pie Fox

Werewolf Girls

March 2015 Meeps

Viking Badge – Dexx

Maxy Reference Sheet

Plushie Dexx

Battle Damaged Dexx

Sass Master Aster

Peaking Duck

Hoof & Paw

Prancy Boy

All Drunk and No Bite

Canine & Stripes

I’m Not a Furry!

Kitty Tunes

Parkour Taur

Pizza Fox

Scott Pilgrim Badge – DemyxTheCat

Scott Pilgrim Badge – Niknak044

Animal Crossing Badge – Solez

Camp Feral! Badges