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Commissions quote requests are open for submissions from the 1st of every month at 12am EST to the 7th of every month at 11:59EST, unless demand is low and then it may be open longer. The number of slots per month varies and will not be announced beforehand. Requests are chosen based on artist’s interest and are not first-come, first-served.

Convention Schedule

Furnal Solstice 2017 – December 16th – Toronto, ON, Canada – Selling art, eating Xmas goodies
Floof Furmeet 2018 – February 3rd – Toronto, ON, Canada – Dealer’s Den
Furnal Equinox 2018 – March 16th-18th – Toronto, ON, Canada – Dealer’s Den
Anime North 2018 – May 25th-27th – Toronto, ON, Canada – Attending
CanFURence 2018 – August 3rd-5th – Ottawa, ON, Canada – Staff/Dealer’s Den
Camp Feral! 2018 – August 24th-26th – THE WOODS, ON, Canada – Staff/Trading Post

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