Eevachu’s Sticker Squad #5

Blue’s Pride

Long Seal

Seal ORB

I Survived 2020!

Furby Forest Spirit

Cupcake King

Furby Haku

Eevachu’s Sticker Squad #3

Stay 3 Geese Apart

Eevachu’s Sticker Squad #2

Wear a Mask Wolf

Lumity – Grudgby Jacket

Lumity – “I’ll be back, I promise.”

Eevachu’s Sticker Squad #1

Wash Your Paws Raccoon

Comfort the Purrito

✨The Catradora Dip™ Redux ✨

Lost Cat(ra)

Catradora Kitten Tails

Catradora – Okay

Battle Damaged Anxiety Fox

Catra Furry Percentage Chart

Angriest Purrito

Six Fanarts

Kentucky Fried Gryphon

Spicy Dragon

Vapourwave Badge – Eevachu & PAWGs!!!

Dungeons and Dragons Badges – Pasta the Owl Bear

Noodle Dragon