Patron Picked – June 2016 – Twicora

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The first round of Patron Picked Illustrations, which accidentally turned into a comic. WHOOPS.  This is: “Twilight Sparkle being adorkably nerdy” suggested by Nuka.

Purple book horse defends stripey rhyme horse after a potions lesson goes awry, because not even science can stop the gay blushies. It’s fine, Twilight still got to take notes.  Zecora still got a happy purple book horse. Win-win.

This is my horses-with-meaningful-butt-tattoos OTP and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me and my poor taste in lesbian equines.

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2016. Adobe Photoshop CS6; Wacom Cintiq 22HD; Surface Pro 3; Original is 1000 x 5720 px.

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