Shippo for Improvement


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Oh aren’t I witty? =P Based on that ‘Quest for Improvement” jive that was going down a little ways back.

You should be able to tell which one is the newest. XD But just for the stupid people…

Oh dear me this one is old… The farthest right was drawn in when InuYasha first came on YTV… It’s a freehand pencil sketch copy of an official picture from the manga. It’s probably one of the first humans I ever successfully drew above kindergarten level. XD

The one next to it was drawn when I discovered MS Paint on my dad’s computer (my step-bro Aaron showed me if if I’m correct) way back in 2004. Well actually maybe even farther back since it was drawn on my old computer that died and submitted to deviantART a while after I had drawn it.
That was my first ever digital piece. I am ashamed.

The 3rd from the right was drawn in 2006 using Photoshop and my tablet as my New Years picture I think… Nothing much to say… I didn’t break any records with this one.

The one on left is the most recent one, done in ShiPainter Pro via the tablet express. See the difference a year can make? XP

2002?-2007. Various media; Various sizes.

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