RGB Egon

#1 Ghost Dad: Paul Feig

CanFURence 2017 Fursuit Tag

CanFURence 2016 Fursuit Tag

Anxiety the Spotted Hyena Ref Sheet

Buck-a-Minute – Dexxmas

A Good Day to do Christmas

Animal Crossing Badge – Kuin

Pet Caricature – Girl’s Night!


Ghost Girl & Ghost Tits


Coach Lupe

Barnaby Badge

Charoix Reunion

Sassy Apple Avatar

Pet Caricature – Goldendoodle

Eevachu 2017

Lizbeth the Corgi Caricature

It’s Only Gay if the Horns are Touching

Patron Picked – June 2016 – Twicora


Lion Queen

Camp Feral! 2015 Art


My Sunshine – Chapter 1: You Have Shattered

HBW2 Day 2 – Swiss Army Wife

Roller Ghosters – Chapter 1: Fate on Skates

HBW Day 7 – SNL – “I’m Not Giving Up and Neither Should You”

HBW Day 6 – Chinchillas – “Chinchilla Charming”